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Career Crossroads

"How to stay up when you're down" 

CAREER CROSSROADS Thursday May 24th, 7:00 PM, Chapel “How to stay up when you are down”

As we often say, those in career transition are on a journey. It is a journey that does not have a specific time frame and the outcome may be different than you expect. Those on the journey could have many ups and downs, perhaps even different paths than they were expecting. It is not unexpected then to have to deal with feelings that are counter to a productive job search. There are feelings of low self-esteem, perhaps despair and disillusionment. “Why is this happening to me” may be a question you ask yourself. Then you may get a call for an interview or perhaps the job lead you have been waiting for. The excitement and anticipation brings new energy. What’s next?

The way we handle our feelings about ourselves and our situation are key in helping us move forward. How do we deal with the negative feelings that can keep you from being as productive as possible? Our next discussion on these questions will be led by Pastor Emeritus Paul Thompson. Paul served as Senior Pastor of Aldan Union Church for over 30 years. He has a strong background in family and social counseling and will offer strategies to deal with these issues from both a practical as well as a Christian point of view. We hope you can join us for this important discussion that we hope will enhance your journey. Questions? Contact Dan Willard at