“Over the past several decades there has been a steady decline in Bible College or seminary education. If we truly believe that the Bible contains everything we need for life and godliness, then we must help our church members and community develop a biblical foundation for living. In keeping with our vision statement, “Growing in Christ and Reaching Out to the World”, we believe that it is necessary to start an evening Bible Training Center where we can help our people grow in Christ and reach out to the surrounding communities with this service as well.”

The preceding paragraph was the introduction of a proposal to the leadership of Aldan Union Church that now has been acted upon. For many years Aldan Union Church had been praying about the opportunity to start some sort of evening Bible classes.

That dream became a reality! In the fall of 2003, we launched the Bible Training Center of Delaware County. We use material from an organization known as Bible Training Center for Pastors. Our desire is to pass on an irreducible minimum of Biblical knowledge to people from our congregation, surrounding churches, and the community at large. We offer a certificate (from BTCP) upon the completion of five classes: Bible Study Methods, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Biblical Doctrines, and Spiritual Life & Church Ministry. We also hope to add electives in Church History, Teaching, Church Administration, etc. as time goes on. BTC is open to all adults, regardless of age or church affiliation. Our only requirement is that you complete the courses in order, as they build on one another.

We are offering a strong Biblical foundation to those that are unable to attend a Bible college or Seminary. We realized that for those living in Philadelphia and the surrounding southeastern Pennsylvania and tri-state region (southern New Jersey and northern Delaware), there is nothing available that is affordable and convenient. Here is an opportunity to learn how to study the Bible for yourself, to understand how the Old Testament and New Testament fit together, and truly learn who God is as we study the entire Scriptures in their proper context. We hope you will be able to take advantage of this strong Biblical teaching, and through it grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and in your knowledge and wisdom of God. For more information, please contact the church office.


  • There are no tests or papers; there will be short assignments and Bible reading requirements.
  • Classes meet for 2 1/2 to 3 hours once per week (Thursday evening) at Aldan Union Church.
  • Cost is only $30 per course and includes the required manual. (Note: Final course is $50 due to an extra manual.) The only other expense is the Study Bible if you don’t already have one.

Required Materials:

  • ESV Study Bible
  • Course Manual (provided in class)

Main Courses*

  • Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Bible Doctrine Survey
  • Personal Spiritual Life and Church Ministry                (*Courses must be completed in order.)

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the five basic courses.